You may know of my long-standing passion for learning and sharing principles that make successful leaders. I believe Leadership sets the tone in every endeavor and that outcomes are typically due to the qualities of the person(s) in charge – whether it is of a family, a school, a company or just about any group that comes together to achieve a purpose. I also believe that Leadership starts first with Self, and I’m fascinated by the backgrounds, mindsets, routines, personalities and lifestyles of both aspiring and established leaders across all genres, and how these account for both their successes and failures.

What works for one person may not work for another, but I do know that from reading or hearing leadership insights, comes exposure that causes our minds and hearts to expand. Whether we choose to adopt these insights or not, our worldview becomes wider and hopefully our understanding of others and of ourselves will grow for the better.

ZOOLU was born from this desire to share ideas, inspirations, knowledge, tools, examples and stories that can help to develop better leaders of self and businesses in the world. It is geared towards Caribbean nationals because the way we live and interact is culturally driven, and this contributes to how successfully we are able to lead with diversity and inclusion.

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This month, we kick off with a series on “Leadership in Disruption” – let me know what you think!


Sheree Martin